Lions Mobile Sight & Hearing Unit of Southeastern Virginia
What's new!!

What's New??

Officers for 2018-2019:

President: Lion Mike Barber

Vice President: Lion Jerry Phelps

Secretary: Lion Don Fuller

Treasurer: Lion Clay Senecal

Van Maintenance - As you are aware, it takes a lot of work to keep the van on the road and serving your needs. To keep up with that, we need to periodically take it out of service for some maintenance. Check our calendar on the "schedule" page to see what days are available and which are blocked ...

This Page - we wanted to have a spot for you to catch up with what we've done to the site, what new things are happening in the organization, and generally anything we wanted to bring to your attention that didn't "fit well" anyplace else. So here it is! We'll leave things on this page for a while before dropping them off, and change highlite colors periodically so you can tell at a glance how much you have to catch up on. 

Drivers - we need a couple more drivers for the van to comfortably manage the work load. To be a driver, you must be able and willing to drive AT LEAST once a quarter to keep your skills up, and during our busy seasons (spring and fall) you should expect to drive once or twice a month. We will "apprentice" you with experienced drivers for a period of two or three months before we assign you trips on your own. If you're interested in being part of a truly fine organization, contact Lion Mike Barber (our President) or Lion Don Fuller (our secretary) for more info.

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