Lions Mobile Sight & Hearing Unit of Southeastern Virginia
Usage Rules

Club Responsibilities ...

   The Hosting Lions Club is responsible for reserving the van and specifying exactly what they want to do with it - particularly, whether they wish to conduct blood sugar screening or not. This will determine what equipment the driver will bring with the Van on the day of the event. The reservation form asks this information of you.

   The Hosting Lions Club is responsible for staffing the Van. The number of Lions necessary to staff the Van can vary widely depending on what you are doing and how many people you anticipate screening at the event. There are six workstations in the Van - two for visual acuity, two for eye pressure, and two for hearing acuity. To fully staff the Van, you will need a Lion at each of those workstations. In addition, you will need one or two Lions to conduct blood sugar screenings if that is part of your agenda. You will need at least one Lion, and probably more depending on your club's preferences and requirements, to manage registration and arrangement of medical or financial assistance from your club. And you will need one Lion to "be in charge" and simply manage the movement of people into and out of the Van. This last role is more important than it may sound at first - but controlling the flow of people thru the Van is vital to making your event a success.

   At an event where you may screen two or three dozen people over the course of a few hours, three or four Lions to staff the Van is probably adequate. At an event where you may screen 150 people during a full day, including blood sugar screenings, you will need at least 9 Lions present at any given time to fully staff the van. If it's a long day, you will need a couple of shifts of 9 people each. Plan accordingly!

   The Hosting Lions Club is responsible for making payment for the Van
directly to our treasurer. The driver will present the hosting club with a bill with the mailing address of our treasurer on it. Please send payment to the treasurer. If you have a letter from our treasurer for a "free day" due to a donation you've made to the Van, return a copy of that letter with the bill to our treasurer as your payment. Please do not expect our driver to take payment or to be cognizant of any special financial circumstances for your club - the driver won't know and is not prepared to deal with it.

   Finally, the Hosting Lions Club is responsible to assist the driver as necessary in the setup, breakdown, and cleanup of the van. This includes having a point of contact, reachable by phone, on site when the van arrives to ensure the driver sets up in the right position and can access whatever services (such as electricity) that are required.

Driver Responsibilities ...

   The Driver is responsible for contacting the Hosting Club's point of contact on the reservation form well in advance of the event to ensure he or she is clear on the details of the trip. The driver is responsible for ensuring that all the necessary equipment is on the Van.

   The Driver is responsible for getting the Van to the site early enough to set up and conduct whatever training is required for the Hosting Lions Club prior to the scheduled start of the event. We encourage the drivers to plan on arriving at least 1/2 hour, and preferably 1 hour, before the scheduled start.

   The Driver is responsible for the setup, operation, breakdown and cleanup of the Van, with the assistance of the Hosting Club as necessary.

   The Driver is responsible for conducting training on Van operation for those that need it, and is responsible for troubleshooting and correcting problems within their capability. Clubs should be mindful that sometimes things happen on the Van that are beyond the realm of the driver's expertise and may not be "fixable" at the event.

   The Driver is responsible for providing a bill for the Van to the Hosting Lions Club. The Driver is NOT expected, nor do we want him or her, to collect the payment (see club responsibilities above).

   The Driver is NOT there to serve as a part of the event staff (see "Staffing the Van" above). That being said, we do expect the drivers to be as helpful as possible in making the event a success, and we do expect that they will pitch in and help if they are needed and not busy with other responsibilities as noted above.

   The Driver is LMSHU's agent for the care and use of the Van, and is therefore authoritatively "in charge" of the Van. The Hosting Club controls the event, the Driver controls the Van. It has to be a collaborative partnership, but the driver wins when it comes to the safety and well being of our Van and the people in it.

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