Lions Mobile Sight & Hearing Unit of Southeastern Virginia
Schedule Posted on 17 February 2019.  It may have changed since then, so please check with scheduler before you commit to a date.
We do try to update as soon as possible!

Our scheduler is Lion Nancy Grochowski, who takes requests for scheduling the van (see "Reserving the Van"), finds and assigns drivers and maintains our schedule. We do not maintain an interactive schedule on the web, for several reasons, but Lion Nancy periodically sends updates to the schedule that you can access from this page.

Schedule for July 2018 thru June 2019 - click here
It is important to remember that the schedule we provide here is only accurate as of the day it is published - you can see what days are already taken, but days that appear available may not be anymore. You MUST contact Lion Nancy at
 and submit a RESERVATION FORM to be assured of a date! There is also an instruction sheet for the form that may be of help.

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