Lions Mobile Sight & Hearing Unit of Southeastern Virginia

   Our current vehicle is a customized Winnebago "Sun Cruizer" RV chassis, 38 feet long, 8 feet wide and 12 feet high. At the time of it's purchase in 1996 it was the largest vehicle manufactured by Winnebago, and we had the interior custom built to accommodate our needs. It is leveled at the site by four hydraulic jacks that extend from underneath the coach, as well as two manual stabilizing jacks that can be extended from the rear of the coach.
   We have a "shore power" connection for 220 volts with an extension cord that will reach a total of 95 feet, and if 220 volt power is not available we have adapters and an additional 100 feet of extension cord that extends our reach to almost 200 feet for conventional 110 volt power. We also carry our own generator so if there is no power we can make our own.

   The unit is air-conditioned by three rooftop air conditioners, and we also have an LP gas fired furnace for the winter months. We must have either 220 volt shore power, or run the generator, to operate the air conditioning.

   Inside, we have two sound-deadened booths with Maico MA-27 Audiometers for conducting hearing screenings. We have two Reichert AT 555 automatic tonometers for measuring eye pressure, and two Stereo Optical Optec 5000 vision screeners for conducting visual acuity screening. We also can provide equipment to support blood sugar screening (participating Lions Clubs must have individuals trained to conduct those tests) as well as blood pressure equipment. In addition, the van is set up to provide a dark area at the front where the SPOT equipment can be employed (the van does not carry SPOT equipment - a sponsoring club must bring their own or a district unit).

   The van is equipped with a side access door, visible in the photo above near the front of the van, as well as a rear access door with an aluminum staircase. This allows for easy flow through the van when dealing with large numbers of people. There is a twenty foot long awning - again, visible in the photo above - that provides some shelter outside, and we carry a folding table and chairs so registration and information stations can be set up outside.

   The van is delivered, set-up and managed by a cadre of well trained drivers. These individuals can cope with most equipment problems on site, train Lions in the operation of the equipment, and assist the clubs with managing their event. They are not expected to perform as station operators for the event, but rather are expected to ensure that Lions from the club hosting the event get all the assistance they need to successfully operate the van.

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